Listen: Luunes – ‘Torrents’

Newcastle duo Luunes has released their second single ‘Torrents’, which will feel just like a cool breeze floating over your body on warm summery day.

What started as a simple guitar progression and a walk down to a nature reserve with a field recorder, is a track that evokes all kinds of sensual imagery. The cinematic productions of Sam Litchfield paired with the whimsical vocals of Anna Milat, create a soft sound that soothes and inspires.

The duo describe ‘Torrents’ as “that feeling when you meet somebody and just fall into them, like you have become a part of one another and are completely under each other’s skin. It’s the excitement of that feeling, but it is also the fear of commitment and the idea of losing that person into an inevitable impermanency, or into the depths of emotional waves.”

‘Torrents’ is available now from iTunes & Spotify, where you can also find their recent debut single ‘Glass’.