Introducing Sydney’s dreamiest new talent Moody Beach (Melissah Marie), who today debuts her new single and video titled “Vanilla” out via Personal Best Records.

Taken from her forthcoming debut EP and premiered via triple j “Vanilla” is drenched in shoe-gaze guitar and washed out vocals. Moody Beach enlisted Capital Waste to bring "Vanilla" to life visually, and the video nails 90s nostalgia taking you right back to Saturday morning Rage sessions, circa 1997. 

Starting out as a bedroom project, Marie knew she wanted to record her songs and make them “tasty” but was unsure how she could execute them in a live setting. Intrigued and enticed by performing, she started playing bass guitar in a band called The Rememberz, which consisted of live shows, a short stint in America and plenty of hotel room recordings. Whilst doing this she was also working as a flight attendant and spent time travelling to different cities from which she drew influence from. With plenty of downtime, a craving for songwriting and a consistent change of surroundings, she found herself in a constant outpour of songwriting and so, Moody Beach was born.

After moving from Adelaide to Sydney, and wanting to find more spaces to play live & develop her sound, Marie began curating Cult Club; a quarterly party held at Hair by Tommy J, a local barber shop near her house in Redfern. Cult Club prides itself on showcasing emerging artists from Sydney's underground who play to a crowd no bigger than 100, and is one of the spaces where Marie solidified her Moody Beach project.

She began work with producer / musician Carl Fox (Mosquito Coast, Porsches) who produced the EP and helped define her sound. With influences ranging from Roy Orbison and The Cure to Deftones and Blondie, Moody Beach is unexpected and original, layering dream-pop melodies, dark undertones and hazy psychedelic guitar lines. Vocally, she creates a unique synthesis of sound using Warpaint-esque tones and enigmatic lyrics.

“Vanilla” is the first offering from Moody Beach - with her EP already recorded and shows lined up for March - 2017 is looking bright.