Yon Yonson's new album Yes No Sorry is out TODAY

After setting ears aflame with their first single 'Berlin' back in July, and following it up with the "uncomfortable banger", 'Call It Something I Ate', prolific Sydney trio Yon Yonson dropped their third, incredibly emotional single 'This Evening'. Now, we're proud to share the entire 17 track album Yes No Sorry from which all three songs have been pulled.

The singles have made waves among new and old Yonnies fans alike with 'Berlin' racking up nearly half a million plays on Spotify and all three tracks receiving spins on Triple J. While this will be their first album through independent Sydney label TEEF, it will be the fourth from the band with their previous three racking up accolades from many of the most respected music writers and tastemakers alike. Yes No Sorry is punctuated by self-doubt and reflection and emotionally linked to the geographical area of Western Sydney, where the band are originally from. It runs 17 tracks deep with tougher moments like 'Pattern Recognition 1' featuring chunky hip-hop vibes and introspective weirder songs like the organ heavy 'This Is Affecting Both Of Us'. In true Yonnies fashion the album is littered with unexpected samples and is full of deranged and wonderful moments throughout.

The trio have been writing, recording, mixing and releasing their own music and making their own videos from their bedroom since 2010 rarely making any effort to reach a wider audience. In a game that is usually played trying to convince the press that an artist is an overnight success, Yon Yonson are a counter-cultural beacon, releasing music with no pretence or fanfare, but simply because they like releasing music. This will be the band's fourth album.

The album 'Yes No Sorry' is out now via TEEF.