(Re)Introducing Tom Cooney | ‘Futureproof’

‘Futureproof’ is a new song from Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Tom Cooney. Marking his return to the Australian music scene, the song is a beautifully sparse and moving piece and comes accompanied by a breathtaking music video by award-winning writer/director/producer Tim Marshall in collaboration with actor and co-producer Chloé Boreham.

The song is the first new solo music from Cooney since the release of his 2011 album The Repetition. That album, which was the follow up to Tom’s 2009 Australian Music Prize shortlisted debut Presque Vu, was released in Australia, Ireland and France and saw Tom touring alongside the likes of M. Ward, Laura Jean and Irish singer/songwriters Fionn Regan and Lisa Hannigan.

Based in Ireland at the time of The Repetition’s release, Tom split his time between Dublin and France between 2010-2014. During this period Tom collaborated on several musical projects, including an album with enigmatic US singer/songwriter Josh T Pearson (known for his solo work and as the frontman of legendary short-lived Texan outfit Lift To Experience) under the name ‘West Country Night’. The group released one album before disbanding and going their separate ways.

Tom returned to Australia in 2014 and began writing songs for a new album immediately. Upon hearing of his return, friend and tour mate Lawrence Greenwood (formerly known as Whitley) got in touch.

“He said he wanted to make an album that sounded like how he hears me,” says Tom.  “Since we both love Mark Kozelek, Sufjan Stevens and some other great raw acoustic stuff it made perfect sense.”

The majority of the Futureproof album was recorded over a fortnight towards the end of 2015 in Lawrence’s home-studio set up on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. “That’s where the album was born,” Tom explains. “Lawrence focussed my efforts and understood the most powerful songs that needed to be recorded.”

The resulting album is arresting and raw; stunning in its honesty, lilting and delicate in its sound. Long-time collaborator and friend Corrina Scanlon returns on Futureproof with her rich-but-delicate harmonies. Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Biddy Connor added strings and Melbourne trio Sleep Decade added further depth via their drum and synth contributions.

‘Futureproof’ the song is available now. The album Futureproof is due for release in April.