Get to know the new faces of Australian hip-hop; Pinnacle!

Q. How did you both get involved with production and the emcee game? 

Spenser Phoenix: Both of us have been friends and big fans of music and in particular hip-hop for as long as I can remember. For me, after seeing Eminem in 2011 I decided I wanted to rap and produce beats. I did it just as a part time hobby for years until Jay started showing me his raps. I was so impressed at the time it convinced me to take it seriously and see if we could work together. Originally I was just going to make beats for Jay, but having been writing raps myself for years, I decided to show Jay and the rest is history.

Jax: We’ve both loved music, especially hip hop for a long time, so we were writing raps and sharing it with each other for a while but it wasn’t serious at all. But few years ago I went through a really rough time in my life with depression, anxiety and other circumstances to the point where all my relationships were deteriorating and I even attempted suicide. This was when I started writing and listening more as a distraction and Hip Hop became therapy. “If I've got nothing to live for now why not just live for rap”, it was this attitude that transformed what was a distraction from my ills to a passion that possessed me. Around this time I started showing songs I had written to more of my friends and told Spenser I was going to pursue this seriously. It started off with him showing me his dope beats and raps, but at some point this dream possessed him too. This was when we decided to form our duo and boy was it the best choice we’ve ever made.


Q. Why the name Pinnacle? Where did it come from?

Well it was a bit of a different procedure to figuring out an artist name than the usual. Both of us are sneaker heads and at the time there were these new Jordan 1’s coming out that were called “Pinnacle”. We both wanted the shoes at the time and we were also trying to figure out our name, until one day Jax said, “Why don’t we just call ourselves pinnacle?” and thus the legend was born.


Q. What have you got coming up in the near future?

We’ve got our next single “Groove Jam” coming out at the end of the month and we’re about 60-70% done with the next project, which you can expect in the coming months.

Q. Who are your musical icons / influences for this project?

For this project there are definitely some distinct influences of how we’ve written and shaped the song with the main one’s being all of TDE, Anderson. Paak and Eminem.


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