mýa australian tour

Illusive Presents are thrilled to be bringing Grammy Award-winning and certified RnB royalty Mýa to Australia for a run of shows later this month.

Exploding on to the scene in 1998 with the release of her self-titled, double platinum, debut album Mýa, she has since gone on to cement herself as a pop-culture icon. Her back catalogue includes such hits as ‘Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)’, ‘Fallen’, ‘Best Of Me’ and ‘It’s All About Me’ in addition to the twelve studio projects and eight albums released over the 18 years of her career.

More recently, Mýa’s released her 12th studio release Smoove Jones. The 12-track EP received a Grammy Award nomination for Best R&B Album and received a mountain of critical acclaim. Album highlights include ‘Coolin’ and ‘Welcome To My World’.

‘Grown and sexy while still sounding like the Mya you sang along to in the early 2000s’ – Billboard

Mýa’s incredible live performances are unmissable. Her most recent Australian performance at RnB Fridays Live! proved just that. Mýa is undeniably one of RnB’s most celebrated artists and continues her legacy with a string of headline appearances around the country.