remi shares new video for "contact hi/high/i" ft. silent jay

One of Melbourne’s most talented hip-hop acts Remi Kolawole and collaborator Sensible J (collectively known as REMI) are thrilled to share their new video for single “Contact Hi/High/I” featuring Hiatus Kaiyote backing vocalist and producer extraordinaire, Silent Jay. As premiered via Clash, the track is taken from last year’s highly-praised sophomore album, Divas and Demons.  

As expected, the video is the perfect visual antic, watching all three artists hang out and bake cookies. We see a more playful side to REMI throughout the clip, as they opt for a comical approach in commenting on social issues they hold important. An album standout, the track begins as a chopped up soul sample showcasing Sensible J's impeccable production capabilities and Silent Jay's honey vocals.  

From REMI: "I wrote this joint when I was living out of home. One of my friends once told me: 'In Australia we have it so good, we’re afforded the liberty to stay childish for our whole lives'. Whether through drinking culture, drug culture, consumerism etc. I kinda noticed this in myself and wanted to just write about my childish mentality, and how it was being validated by my vices. Gotta send much love to my brother Silent Jay. Not only is he one of the most ridiculous talents I know, but he’s also family. He picked up the vibe immediately and really brought it home for me. You know your friend killed it, when you’ve heard a song 100’s of times, and then when they lay their shit down it becomes instantly brand new to you. I see you Nivea Knuckles." 

Having spent all of 2016 writing, recording and performing, REMI are laying serious ground work for hip-hop. The Divas & Demons album was one of the most talked about releases of the year, featuring some of Australia’s brightest hip-hop and soul artists including Simon Mavin (Hiatus Kaiyote), Sampa the GreatJordan RakeiBaroSilent Jay, Tom Scott (Average Rap Band), Lorry (Hiatus Kaiyote), Nui Moon and Cazeaux O.S.L.O. (Man Made Mountain). Singles “For Good” ft. Sampa The Great, “Substance Therapy” and “Lose Sleep” ft. Jordan Rakei earned them nods from triple j and community radio as well as ongoing support from Rolling Stone and national press.

At the end of last year, REMI completed a manic touring schedule which included sold out shows across the country and festival appearances at Falls Festivals and Field Day. Having just played one of the stand out sets at Golden Plains Festival, rumour has it that REMI will be announcing more tour dates soon so fans can expect another huge 2017 for the pair.