LISTEN: Woodes – ‘Rise’ (Litche Remix)

There’s always a first for everything, but when mutual respect between artists eventuates into something concrete and to be shared with the masses, you know it’s special.

Newcastle producer Litche, aka Sam Litchfield, aka one-half of Luunes, has released a remix of golden girl Woodes’ track ‘Rise’ off her debut EP Bonfire.

“Elle (Woodes) reached out to me just after the release of her Debut EP asking me if I’d like to do a remix of her third single ‘Rise’. We connected a few months earlier over the Internet, out of appreciation for each other’s music. I was stoked that I was asked to do the remix because I was a big fan of her music and ‘Rise’ was easily my favourite song from the EP.” Litche said.

The original track offers whimsical and soft cushy sounds, and while Litche highlights them, he definitely brings in dark clashing glitches, with some clever production work.

“I started to mess around with some crunchy and weird audio files I found in my sample library. I also recorded some sounds from my acoustic drum kit at home, which I then turned into a series of percussion loops and FX which I felt fit the mood perfectly. I then had a lot of fun picking a part all of the vocal parts and rearranging them. It all just seemed to come together pretty quickly,” he said.

While the remix sounds like it should feature in a psycho thriller film, the ebbs and flows of light and dark dissonance are what enable the build to shine. This dark lullaby only took two afternoons to piece together but understanding the emotional content meant the direction was clear.

“Being the first remix I had ever done meant I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I ended up second guessing it for months. But, I felt a lot of emotion in the lyrics and general vibe which really helped me know exactly which direction I would take with the remix,” he said.

“I met Sam (Litche) before my first show in Newcastle after being a fan of his work on soundcloud. We had coffee and then went for a quick drive to the boardwalk on the beach before doors opened at the venue. We talked about what we were working on and met in the middle with a lot of influences. When I first heard an edit of this remix I was blown away. Saved it for when I got home and then sat listening to it with my headphones on and my eyes shut. I love when a remix can reshuffle pieces to form something that stands on its own. I can hear the care and time that’s gone into crafting it and it’s really refreshing.” - Woodes

The ‘Rise’ remix is available everywhere now including Spotify and iTunes / Apple Music, and be sure to give Woodes’ original version a few spins as well.