LISTEN: Benji Lewis - ‘For You’

Having recently clocked over one million Spotify plays for his previous track ‘Drift’, Benji Lewis is back with a brand new pearler of a tune.

‘For You’ sees the fruits of yet another solid writing collaboration with good friend Golden Vessel  on only day two of their studio time together.

“Max had given me some chords before the session to see what I came up with, and I came in with some lyric and melody ideas. I found that we worked really well together. Both being really creative, everything flowed and happened naturally and quickly without any fuss,” Lewis said.

This tune comes right from the heart recounting a love most recently found on his trip to Los Angeles. Their connection was so much more than just the physical and their budding romance is the source of inspiration for this time-less love song.

“What came through in this song and the lyrics are all the feelings and thoughts I have about the situation; all that comes with wanting to be with someone who is somewhere else – in my case, another country. But it’s a song about how intense and right a love and feelings like this can be, knowing that long distance can be hard but that you can’t pretend it’s not there.”

“It’s written from a very hopeful place, wishing for the best to come of two people being in different places, but wanting to express to the other person how real your feelings are, and how much you want it to work between you and them.” 

The opening piano chords are reminiscent of Counting Crows’ song ‘Colorblind’, but develop into fluid-like synth productions. Given the intense subject matter, there’s no wonder you can feel the tender angst in Lewis’s vocals. One might even say this track is the perfect addition to The OC soundtrack.

After what has been a huge moment in Benji Lewis’s career, it’s time to see what this track can do. ‘For You’ is now available on Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music right alongside ‘Drift’, and stay tuned over the coming months for the release of his ‘Home For Now EP’.