Sydney experimental-electronic duo Blondebears are Jake Stiles and Sebastian Morales. On their debut, the two songwriters deliver the mesmerising track titled ‘Dissolve’ – produced and recorded by the group themselves at their Sydney-based studios.

Opening with warped synths, soothing falsetto and hypnotic beats, ‘Dissolve’ soars into a gradual crescendo; unapologetically melding its array of hauntingly beautiful and cracked sonic textures. As the layers ascend and overlap seamlessly, the dream-laden journey eventually enters a state of climax and resolves fading out distantly; leaving behind an air of melancholy.

The moody cut also carries a deeper and underlying hypothesis further explained by Stiles –

“'Dissolve" is about empathy for other human beings and living in another person’s body for a day. What should you do with someone else's life? The character abuses their new body/lifestyle and disagrees with how others lead their lives but eventually empathises with other humans after living as them and feeling new emotions and experiences. I feel it is paramount to accept people from different circumstances or life experiences. With imagining how they live their day to day lives we can better understand others from another perspective.”

Stiles and Morales first met through an unsuccessful attempt to sneak into a music festival underage. Sharing a common love for music the boys experimented with different instruments and sounds until finding what would be known as Blondebears. The two plan to continually release new songs over the year and launch their live show nationally.

In the coming weeks, Blondebears will reveal the accompanying music video for ‘Dissolve’.