INTERVIEW: Pete Murray

Written by: Jacinta Rets

Written by: Jacinta Rets

After what has seemed like six extremely long years without Pete Murray's soft vocals and soothing acoustics, Murray fans can finally rest assured knowing the all Australian singer-songwriter has returned with a new album and a brand new sound to match.

Camacho is the Spanish meaning for ‘cool’ and is a pretty accurate summary of what we can expect to hear from Murray’s updated sound. With an instant up lifting energy that breaks away from Murray’s acoustic roots andtakes on a more electronic feel, the loops and beats throughout Camacho diversify the album between a party soundtrack or just easy listening.

Camacho conveys a deeper emotional message that is portrayed throughout feel-good melodies where you’ll find yourself bopping along, instead of the usual sway inspired by Pete Murray favourites. We chatted to Pete to find out a little bit more about what he’s been up to in the six-year gap, and what sparked the change in sound.


1). So it’s been a while since we last heard any new music from you since Blue Sky Blue in 2011. Can you fill us in a little on what you’ve been up to? Are you still living on the East Coast?

Yep, still living in Byron Bay. Just been recording my new album Camacho and in that 6 years I’ve had 2 boys who are 13 and nearly 10 now. I’ve taken some time off to write the album and record it, and spend time being a Dad. Trying to reinvent myself and have a different flavour also took a little bit of time to make that happen you know, you don’t do that overnight. I’ve been trying to get a different sound happening, which is another reason why it’s taken so long.

2). ‘Take Me Down’ has a fresh, new sound with loops and beats, possibly a taste of what we can expect to hear from Camacho. Have you taken a new direction from your acoustic roots? 

It’s a big change from the acoustic songs I’m well known for, its definitely working with loops and beats to get a bigger, fatter sound. The harmonies are pretty big and when I was writing this album I wanted it to be really heartfelt and reach out to people lyrically and have a connection. But at the same time, if you put this on at a party and turn it up it’s a pretty pumping album. It’s got a bigger sound and flavour to it.

3). Are there any particular themes, emotions or messages that are conveyed thoughout Camacho?

Its a very positive up lifting album and I’ve really tried to write the album like that so its it fun to put on and play but isstill powerful, it can probably make people draw a tear. Its one of those albums that still has emotional content but it is positive and its got more of a melancholic feel that I wanted to get away with. Its up lifting, thats the change. The other thing I wanted was it had to be cool. Camacho means cool in Spanish, it means the act of cool. I took that into record and whenever I recorded a part I’d turn to whoever I was working with and say “does that sound Camacho enough to you?” and if it wasn’t cool enough, we’d re-record it. I didn’t want to be too commercial or too alternative, I wanted it to have it’s own uniqueness. 

4). Tell us a bit about your writing process, do you have a creative space, or any techniques to help inspire you?

I always tend to write in the bathroom because I’m not distracted by anything. So yeah, I lock myself in the room and write. I started to use garage band for the loops and beats, so I’d write a song and use mo-town loops and rather than have a full band record the album, i’d just chuck a loop in and suddenly the song would have a different flavour already.

5). What destination are you most excited to revisit on your upcoming 33-date Australian tour?

Thats a hard one. One of the venues I’m looking towards playing is Fremantle, it’s a really great venue there so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Outdoor venues are great fun. 

6). And finally, if you had to pick one song, what would be your all time favourite?

Thats tough. I’ve got lots of favourites, Everlong by Foo Fighters is a pretty cool track, I love that song. It’s hard to pick one cause theres so many good songs and so many good bands.

Camacho will be released June 2, 2017 with the official Australian tour kicking off on July 12.