Interview: Paces at Beyond The Valley.

Australian record producer and musician, Mikey Perry, better known as Paces, has had a massive year in the Australian music scene. We caught up with Paces at the Beyond the Valley festival to discuss his debut album, his best festival tips and his hatred for Hawaiian pizza.


AMS: I’m so excited to hear your set this arvo. Can we expect any new music in your set today?


Paces: Yes, absolutely. I always test out new stuff at these types of shows. I think I’m going to try out three new unreleased ones today.


AMS: I think a lot of Australia is a little bit in love with your dog Chili. Can we expect any Chili puppas floating about today?


Paces: Yes Chili! Definitely in the visuals. She is always with me in the visuals form; I’ve got her everywhere I go.


AMS: So you recently won Break-through Artist of the Year at the inthemix awards, congrats! How does it feel?


Paces: So unexpected! It was a pretty happy moment for me. I’ve never won anything like track and field days at school, you know, I don’t have any trophies so that was the first thing I’ve ever won so it was really, really cool.


AMS: Who inspires you? In the music industry or outside?


Paces: I get inspired by two different sides of music; one is the really sound-design, technical stuff like Flume I guess and the other is just big pop music, like stuff that I don’t even particularly love but it’s just made so well and its so super catchy that I feel like taking a bit of inspiration from those two worlds is my jam.


AMS: That’s so good! How did you get started in the first place?

Paces: In making music? I guess I just used to go to shows all the time and wanted to be involved, and one day a friend of mine and I bought some turn tables and just threw parties every weekend, until gradually we were less terrible at mixing and stuff, it kind of just evolved from throwing parties at my house!


AMS: And then did you go from parties to the club scene?


Paces: Yeah I went through the clubs until eventually I got serious about making music myself and started recording.


AMS: You had a lot of collaborations on your debut album ‘Vacation’ that you released earlier this year, with the likes of Jess Kent, Kucka and Guy Sebastian making appearances. What would your dream collab be?


Paces: I’ve got a few, I think about it all the time. AlunaGeorge, absolutely! La Roux and Grimes.


AMS: Ooh that would be good, a Grimes and Paces song would be sick!


Paces: Yeah she’s just got this like ethereal, pixie voice and she is like crazy as, she’s just got the complete package!


AMS: We will be looking for that on the next album then! So you recently made quite a controversial comment on your Facebook page, stating, “the least-woke pizza topping is Hawaiian”. What’s your issue with Hawaiian?


Paces: Oh I die by the sword on this one! I just feel like it’s a really entry-level pizza, you know, like dudes that start fights in pubs are Hawaiian eaters.


AMS: 100%, pineapple on pizza is no good! That being the case, what is the “most-woke”?


Paces: The most-woke would be like a totally vegan pizza, like just the base and tomato paste and a bit of basil.


AMS: What is your number one festival survival tip for all the people at Beyond the Valley?


Paces: Bring a clean pair of shoes and socks for the next day; just pretend they don’t exist and then tomorrow you wake up and there’s no mud on them and you’re good to go.


AMS: I think a lot of people needed that tip after the rain we had the other night.


Paces: Yeah it looked pretty hekkas!


AMS: Who are you most keen to see tonight?


Paces: I’m pretty keen to see Jarryd James actually, he’s on pretty much straight after me so if I race over I will get to see him, I’ve never seen him before so it should be good!


AMS: Who is your tip to take out Triple J’s hottest 100 this year?


Paces: I reckon Flume would have to be up there with a pretty good chance, he had a pretty big year and everyone loves a good Flume song.


AMS: Looking back on 2016 you have had a massive year! You did your boat parties, numerous festivals, your regional tour and released your debut album Vacation. What has been the highlight of 2016 for you?


Paces: Probably my favourite thing was just expanding the live shows to the point where I bring guest singers in now, you know, dancers, visuals and confetti and stuff where as it used to be just me standing there playing music so I wanted to really take it to a level where you feel like you’re at some crazy party.


AMS: Yes I saw your dancers at Spilt Milk recently, they were great!


Paces: Weren’t they incredible? They were just 100/10, those girls!


AMS: Where is Paces headed in 2017?


Paces: At the moment I’m just writing a bunch of new music so I think I’m going to do a trip to the states and try to link up with some other vocalists and producers and just keep writing stuff, with the goal of making the next album.


AMS: Ooh I’m keen to hear some new music in the New Year, speaking of do you have a new years resolution?
Paces: I always do but I haven’t done it yet. I’m going to say no vomits in 2017!


AMS: That’s a big call to make! Good luck with your resolution and your set tonight, we can’t wait!

Paces: No worries!


Written by: Maddy Kelly