Young Hysteria releases self titled album

If you’re searching for a sobering contrast between indie pop and electronic music, then you might abandon any preconceptions after hearing Young Hysteria’s debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song.' A track that is as much a soul-sonic pocket symphony, as it is cinematic in scope — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi.

Young Hysteria began in early 2016 as the home recording project of Australian singer-songwriter, Jimmy Hawk. If you’re unfamiliar with Jimmy Hawk, he is somewhat both an aficionado of pop’s outer limits and off-kilter to its expectations; having shared stages with the likes of Cold War Kids, The Temper Trap and The Shins. Jimmy Hawk is a prolific artist, having released records in a myriad of styles, from Psychedelic to Folk-rock, soul and world music with his solo records and with The Endless Party. With this new nom de plume, Hawk once again subverts his own vernacular, this time teaming up with longtime collaborator Thomas Van Der Vliet, together the pair promise to deliver a record with more heightened wild-eyed psychedelia, homespun rhythm and flair for melodic classicism.

With his fleeting sounds, laconic vocals and instantly memorable melodies, YOUNG HYSTERIA conjures a world Kafkaesque at times, yet ultimately romantic and blissful and in the greatest of songwriting traditions, transcends fad and fashion to ensure the art of earnest expression lives on.