Sydney producer Physique shares new single "You Say"

Consistently cooking up modern funk and sophisticated disco beats is Sydney based DJ / producer Physique, here to share his new single "You Say" out on Personal Best Records. Soaked in synth and slick production, "You Say" is creative as it is addictive.

Physique is the project of Andrew Elston, who has opened our eyes to a new chapter in disco. Making his debut back in 2015 with “Same Mistakes”, which was named one of FBi’s most played tracks of 2015, Physique has maintained his presence throughout the scene, consistently playing shows across Sydney and Melbourne. Meanwhile his unreleased music casually pops up on playlists from Thump and FBi radio helping maintain his cult status. 

Aside from Physique, Elston is involved in countless other monikers in the music, from a coveted sound engineer to one fourth of The Posse, a musical collective inspired by the Philly soul studio greats and Patrick Adams pioneering New York disco who released their debut last year via Plastic World & were named Independent Artist of The Week on FBi.

Now, ready to make his own solo splash once again, Physique brings you "You Say" an exciting offering from this talented producer.