REVIEW: Running Touch - "A Body Slow" EP

Photo: Hayden Dib

Photo: Hayden Dib

Melbourne-based producer Running Touch is elusive as he is eclectic – his music spanning multiple genres with the man himself dividing his time between his aforementioned experimental project, and the metal-punk rock sounds of Ocean Grove. It is under Running Touch that we see this first length EP from the producer, entitled A Body Slow. A half an hour, six-song release spanning numerous genres and flavours that will have you equal parts crooning and thrashing about.

The EP’s opening track ‘She’s Waiting’ is much more akin to the sounds you may’ve heard from his previous releases, a smooth and sombre track that swallows you whole. As an introduction, it’s a beautiful track that slowly swells before dissipating into a cloud of melancholy. Following on from that is the previously released single ‘Courtesy Of’ which moves the release into a much more dance orientated feel, which is then fully established by ‘Lovely’, a track that sees a bubbly beat flutter underneath the producer’s straining vocals. Narratively and sonically, ‘Lovely’ is the strongest track of the release, with the artist himself saying he believes there was a clear narrative flowing through the track which added a certain gravitas to an otherwise easy listening track.

Just as the release built to a euphoric peak, it slowly starts to unwind and slow back down. ‘You’re Saving That For Me’, shifts from a dance orientated vibe to a slow burner. It’s on ‘Don’t Tell Me It’s True’ that the release really does a one-eighty, as Running Touch demonstrates his ability as a multi-instrumentalist with a catchy guitar riff running through and an excellent breakdown at the close. ‘Aubrey’ is another track we’ve heard of, which is a fast-paced belter from start to end, with only small breaths of air in amongst Running Touch’s warm vocals and Ira Horace’s quick-fire verses.

With his first EP, Running Touch demonstrates just why he’s considered one of Australia’s best up and comers. While not necessarily cohesive as a body of work, the release flows effortlessly from one track to the next, managing to feature not just well-produced dance tracks, but well produced tracks as a whole. This is a release that is equally accessible at the gym, as it is while lounging at home. Running Touch has made an EP with some considerable longevity to it with A Body Slow – and with any luck, the producer will be sticking around for some time too.

Written by: James Johnston