REVIEW: Cosmo's Midnight - Howler, Melbourne

Cosmos Midnight recently checked in at Howler in Melbourne as part of their 'History' tour around Australia. The sydney twins got to play to their very first sold-out melbourne crowd and brought friends 'MUTO', 'Fresh Hex' & 'Take Your Time'.

While Fresh Hex provided the goods between sets (Thx for playing Dusky:)), MUTO played to a crowd that were visibly keen to dance. Not even a computer malfunction could stop the sydney native as he lined up banger after banger and finished with his own new release, Wildfire (ft. Duetsch Duke).

Cosmos Midnight stepped out to play to a hyped up crowd and immediately I was struck by the gorgeous visuals that accompanies their live show. Super simple but effective use of the anime-style backdrops and animations just fit so well with the innovative and lighthearted electronic music that these guys continue to produce. Mixing and matching some heavier swindail, mura masa & sam gellaitry beats with their own hit records such as Walk With Me and History, provided everyone with a thoroughly entertaining evening and a guaranteed good time.

Written by: Jedd Perez