Off the back of his dream inducing debut ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ the enigma that is Love Deluxe has brought forth another salty treat, new single ‘Spice Of Life’ taken from his forthcoming EP.

‘Spice of Life’ is a tricky little fay, leading the listener through a smoky door in to a space filled with the type of timeless sound that is created by musicians sashaying through a live disco jam. Hinting at what is on the horizon for Love Deluxe, ‘Spice of Life’ is a textural journey, the soulful addition of saxophone adding a musical element that sits in perfect contrast and compliment to the electric instrumentation of the rest of the EP.

Like most of his works, Love Deluxe started with a drum beat. Building layers of hazy synths and guitars, and cutting up an obscure Spanish Disco track to create a sound that is both luscious and spicy.

Get yourself a tall glass of water, a good set of headphones and dive in to the world of Love Deluxe.