Listen to King IV's new single 'We Can Get It' 

Mellbourne artist King IV (King Ivy) takes a hairpin turn into ferociously energetic territory on her new single We Can Get It, featuring fellow Melburnian Rromarin.

Officially released Wednesday 19 July, the gripping, percussive track is King IV's third offering, following previous cuts No. One and Like I'm Back.


We Can Get It howls with attitude, underpinned by a trap-influenced pulsing sub bass and evoking a solo rave in the backseat of a 2am rideshare home on a Friday night. Viciously propulsive and couched in penetrating, reverb-heavy vocals, We Can Get It is not so much a sonic step forward for King IV as it is a stratospheric strut in thigh-high latex boots.

Though yet to make her live debut, King IV has already drawn praise and support from tastemakers in community radio and online media since No. One'srelease in late 2016 - dubbed "one of the most exciting debuts of the year" (Pilerats). A steadfast believer in the power of collaboration at all stages in one's career, her involvement in the Melbourne music community spans other projects, sessions, co-writes, toplines, DJing and more.

A hat-trick of enthralling, atmospheric singles is far from all King IV has to offer; more music, more collaborations, and her long-awaited live debut are just around the corner.