LISTEN: Elkkle - ‘Diderot’

Melbourne producer/artist Elkkle is a self-proclaimed beat making loner who is unapologetically passionate about music.

Today, he drops a fresh track mysteriously called ‘Diderot’, and it is every bit a chill banger with colourful trap productions.

So what is [a] Diderot?

“The Diderot Effect observes the tendency for people to buy things that compliment their identity, and when they buy things that demonstrate a shift in their identity, a spiral of consumption can follow as they seek to abandon anything that no longer aligns with that identity,” Elkkle said.

It’s a fascinating concept to wrap your head around but the more you listen to the song, the more layers you unveil.

“On one hand, this song is about how we are often powerless against the rationale of the human condition. On the other, it’s about how we grow and change as people and how those in our life come and go unanchored,” he said.

To bring this concept to life is a video directed by Rex Kane-Hart, which is a continuation of an ongoing series of videos.

“Each video focuses on a (usually) isolated figure that embodies the energy and emotion in the song, rather than a character ‘performing’ or telling you their story,” he said.

It was shot at beautiful Phillip Island during the Mutton Bird migration, adding an ever so ethereal element to the story.

“As the sun was going down, more and more were leaving their nests behind the dunes until there were hundreds flying around us. They were so close to us, some even blindly hit us as the sun disappeared. It was very surreal. It was pretty hard to capture in the clip but the filming process became quite a special moment,” he said.

‘Diderot’ was amazingly recorded in the same old shipping container where Elkkle wrote and recorded the demo vocals for the recent Golden Vessel single ‘Shoulders’, and where he and Woodes created the 2015 Woodes x Elkkle EP.

“There’s definitely something special about that tiny room that brings out sounds and melodies in me that are intriguing yet really fun,” he said.

‘Diderot’ is now available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes, and Australian fans can catch him live in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney next week as he supports Golden Vessel on his “Shoulders Tour”.