LISTEN: Belle Noble - 'Instinct'

Fresh faced Melbourne hip-pop/RnB talent Belle Noble makes a stirring debut with 'Instinct', a call-to-arms anthem pushing empowerment and self-awareness. Its video, full of electrifying spontaneous choreography, was created with help from visual luminaries C-KOL (Sportsgirl, Country Road).

For Belle, watching countless friends sacrifice their integrity and happiness for the ill-advised pursuit of success, 'Instinct' came naturally. "I remember sitting back and thinking, I never want to make this mistake. So I took something that came from a bitter place and turned it into a message of empowerment and individualism." she asserts. Alongside Studios 301's Jack Prest (Flume, Sampa The Great, The Preatures), Noble wove her convictions deftly into her debut single.

Driven by commanding piano and flying resplendent on the wings of Noble's unique and arresting vocals, the song's message is elevated by its accompanying visuals. Each dancer in the clip had never heard the track or been given any choreography prior to filming: the process was entirely organic, raw, and individual - just the credo that 'Instinct' aims to instill.

Says Noble, "I want this project, as ambitious as it sounds, to remind us that we each have the power to do and feel what is right. Follow our moral compasses, be open but critical to what the media tells us, and give ourselves permission to listen and act according to our own instincts."