LEØ - ‘Young EP’

Brisbane indie-electronic trio LEØ share their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Young’ — a hypnotic, melancholic cut of electronica that showcases the band’s intriguing vocals and deft electronic craft.

Previously released tracks ‘Us’ and ‘Ghost’ sit along side two new atmospheric songs, tracing the complexities of relationships. For this special EP the trio expanded their soundscape and style, employing synthesisers and Ableton.

‘"Young’ is something we have been trying to piece together since the start of 2016. Originally it was going to be made up of our old songs, which included our first two singles ‘The Wolf’ & ‘Linger’ which were released in late 2015. As the year progressed however, we started using synthesizers and Ableton a lot more, which totally changed our way of writing, and the three of us are just so happy with the outcome of our very first EP.”  - LEØ

Gentle percussions and lachrymose electronic arrangements punctuate the EP, the production is subtle and intricate, giving the EP a mellow and moody vibe. The opening track ‘Closure’ is a slow-burning with the first half isolating Pilkington’s endearing vocals, until the track sprawls out with metallic, eery percussions, smudged with reverb and distorted vocal loops.

For a debut EP ‘Young’ is a strong release that is beautiful in it’s ability to be raw, human and explorative within it’s gorgeous soundscape.

‘Young EP’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify.