From high school drop-out to Hollywood producer, Luke Calleja A.K.A. Kronic could have never envisioned the trajectory his career was set to take. Earning his stripes as a trap/hip-hop producer in Australia, he is now responsible for producing and remixing some of the biggest names out of the US. Going from strength to strength with his originals works, Kronic prepares to release more pop focused music through his own label, Sup Girl, throughout 2017. The inaugural release is an electro pop/RnB hybrid, with a moody edge that gives ‘Rendezvous’ the quintessential Kronic treatment. On vocals, the track features Grammy award winner Leon Thomas, co-writer on Ariana Grande’s ‘Yours Truly’ album, adding yet another pop edge to the production.

Kronic explains, “Rendezvous to me is less a shift in style and more a finding my style. I’ve been doing so many sessions with all different types of artists and that’s helped me be able to produce a more accurate representation of the ideas in my head. Leon is an amazing talent and even more so a dope person and that’s what matters the most to me when getting in a session with someone.”

With international success on his original productions including ‘Hey Ho’, and his collab with Raven Felix on ‘Feel That’, Kronic’s resume is one to boast. From co-producing Lil Jon & Tyga’s Billboard top ten ‘Bend Ova’, and an impressive remix roster consisting of NERVO, Far East Movement & Lady 

Gaga, which has led to project offers coming in from the likes of Pitbull, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo. His 2015 track ‘Push’ with Savage and Far East Movement, has hit the spotlight once again after being featured in the new ‘Fast & The Furious’ trailer, broadcast to over 111 million during the 2017 Super Bowl, truly pushing his brand on a global level.

‘Rendezvous feat. Leon Thomas’ is available via Sup Girl Records