LISTEN: HOUNDED - ‘On My Side (ft. Savoi)’

Sydney producer HOUNDED is back on the grid with a sunshine-filled track called ‘On My Side’,and it arrives just in time to defrost us from all those winter chills.

Right from the first chime you’ll be grooving and your shoulders will be bopping while the fluttery voice of Brisbane artist Savoi makes this track all the more uplifting, and all you wanna do is dance and smile.  

“I had a difficult time finding vocals that matched the energy of the song. I was fortunate enough to be in the studio with Savoi late last year and his voice just seems to fit perfectly with the instrumental. I find that Savoi’s voice really compliments my style and gives it that extra sense of movement and energy” - HOUNDED

Having written the main melody back in early 2016 gave HOUNDED plenty of time to explore natural instrumentations and really perfect the rhythm.

“I used a lot of natural instruments such as marimbas, flutes and xylophones to give it a live presence,” he said