LISTEN: Feelds - 'Colourblind'

Hailing from Melbourne, Feelds, has become the cultivation of musician James Seymour’s thoughts, motivation and songwriting talent. The release of “Colourblind” showcases his truly unique blend of melody-infused folk with pop sensibilities, and stamps a solid benchmark for exciting things to come.

Backed with a catalog of songs that marked a healthy establishment into the music scene last year, 2017 is set to unravel another new beginning, as the hunger for sharing this music in a live setting looms with great importance for Feelds, both locally & internationally.

Equipped with an ambitious collection of songs that are ready to be released on an EP heading into the middle of the year, before jetting off on an international tour through Canada in July; Feelds is well on the journey of showcasing the ability to mould minimal instrumentation and vocal interplay through a well-established blend of songwriting.