Donatachi – ‘A/S/L’ (ft. Tashka & Blair de Milo)

Sydney producer Donatachi is back with a hyperkinetic future-pop track that will sit nicely at #1 on your weekend party playlist. ‘A/S/L’ features intoxicating vocals from Sydney singer Tashka and playfully provocative bars from Brisbane artist Blair de Milo. Talk about squad goals.

Donatachi has spent the past 12 months experimenting with his sound, fine-tuning his craft and live sets, joining alumni of cult Sydney club ‘Sidechains’. With the release of this new single, he has finally achieved exactly what he wanted.

“This is a fresh start and, to me, it’s like the first official Donatachi release. ‘A/S/L’ is a true indication of my direction as an artist and producer.” - Donatachi

The track stays true to electronic-pop vibrations and it’s clear the chemistry between these three artists, and friends, resonates right from the opening synths.

“Once I had finally found my own sound and voice I wanted to work the friends I had started with. Everything with Tashka and Blair comes so naturally; we are all on the same wavelength creatively.”  - Donatachi

‘A/S/L’ has everything you want in a pop-club banger, including that seductive allure of the chase. But make no mistake, we are in 2017 after all and the chase has now become an online phenomenon of social exploration.

“The song itself is not so much about sexting and cheeky snaps, but about how so much physical interaction has been substituted with technology, how the feeling of seeing a notification from a particular person can have that same feeling of excitement as if you were with them IRL.”

- Donatachi