Melbourne producer, vocalist, songwriter and DJ, Darcy Baylis today shares his highly awaited debut LP Intimacy & Isolation via hometown label, DOWNTIME. As a frontrunner of minimalist pop and disparate club sounds within Australia’s tight-knit dance community, Baylis shares nine new tracks of genre breaking, all-consuming music. The album's closing track "Be Patient, Be Tender" receives a visual treatment from Melbourne videographer and Ara Koufax member, Luke Neher where Darcy’s vocals modulate the colour and intensity of strobing colour mattes, in a nod to early 60s film experiments.

Intimacy & Isolation is a voluminous journey of work that expands with each listen, traversing drum & bass, UK hardcore, vintage house and techno, all tightly wrapped within future R&B leaning song structures and Baylis’ spacious vocals. Written across a period of 12 months in transit - from bus trips in Eastern Europe, to snowy apartments in Brooklyn, friend’s couches in Sydney and freezing post-club mornings in Berlin, consider Intimacy & Isolation an auditory ‘a year in the life’.

As a closely watched high achiever, who by the end of high school had a 7-inch single, a full-length record under acclaimed project NAMINE, completed a live national tour and remixed artists like Oscar Key Sung, 2017 sees Baylis transcend a step further with his progressive collection of self-produced and recorded material. Undertaking studies in composition at Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts, Baylis continues to expand his repertoire of reference, citing the likes of everyone from Bjork, Metro Boomin’ and Steve Reich as personal heroes. Following previous EP releases, How Can I Live?/Ecstasy, and Envelopes, Intimacy & Isolation pushes once more against traditional house and techno framework, to explore present themes of personal conflict and identity.

“This is an album of inherently anti-functional music,” says Baylis. “It doesn't work in the club, it doesn't necessarily work at home either. A good friend said it works best ‘in the morning, when you're still trying to piece together who you are and who you want to be that day’. I hope people can find their own meaning in it, as I certainly have.”

Following an appearance at Golden Plains festival in 2016, a remix for fellow house champion Amateur Dance’s “Its Really Something” and co-producing Jessica Says’ Chapter Music released album Do With Me What U Will with Joseph Buchan, Baylis now gears up for an incredible year with the release of his forward-thinking debut LP, Intimacy & Isolation.