Bjear releases debut album

The millennial generation have become rather proficient at documenting life. Music’s ability to capture, share, and canonise the human experience however, remains unrivalled. January 28th signals both the completion and commencement of chapters for Brae McKee. The creator/curator behind Bjear, the debut self-titled record for the Adelaide group is an extension of his journey thus far. Like a documentary of the transition from youth to adulthood, the record is a collection of emotions and experiences - art, travel, film, joy, nostalgia, heartbreak. The music is consciously diverse, honest, woven together with stories and parables. An attempt to connect with others in a cynical yet searching world.

At a time where the industry is still trying to find its feet after a decade of disruption, Bjear’s debut project - self-recorded and produced entirely within the confines of McKee’s home studio - is a prime example of the changing nature of music. With no meddling from industry suits, the product remains raw; as intended. It all works together to heighten the intimacy and transparency between musician and consumer. That proximity and relationship has never been more accessible than now. It is in this spirit - one of mixed vulnerability and strength - that we present Bjear.