Like Heaven in the Movies - Biscotti

Biscotti blends elements of synth pop, disco, hip-hop and funk to create an alternative pop spectacle that commands your full attention. Through her cinematic lens Ori conjures other worldly landscapes with her evocative layering of sounds, constantly astounding with her unadulterated glee and daring compositions. The time has now come to unveil Biscotti’s first full length feature - her debut album ‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ 

‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ opens with ‘Soda Pop’, Ori’s musical version of opening credits which is full to the brim with positive commotion. ‘Instamatic’ follows and muses on chronic shyness, while the sunny ‘Jeannie Brown’ centres around wanting to spend time in the company of an enigmatic friend. ‘Fantastico’ features a captivating Italian vocal paired with a trip hop inspired backing track that accentuates the songs drama, while closing track ‘Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli’ pairs ethereal vocals with Ori’s quirky charm 

‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ is a wild ride fraught with tension, surprises and and overall feeling of undeniable satisfaction. With her vibrant instrumentation, infectious melodies and wonderfully unconventional approach, Biscotti’s music immediately makes her stand out from the crowd.

Biscott, the brainchild of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Carla Ori, is a musical project that explores nostalgia with an eclectic twist. Inspired by the cinematic soundtracks of 1970’s Italian film, Ori combines these visual and auditory influences to create a medium driven by colour and uncontained energy.

‘Like Heaven in the Movies’ NATIONAL TOUR

Fri 3 March - Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide

Sat 4 March - Grace Emily, Adelaide

Sat 18 March - The Eastern, Ballarat

Thurs 23 March - The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne

Sat 25 March - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

Fri 31 March - The Odd Fellow, Fremantle