Benji Lewis releases new track ‘Drift’

his week Melbourne electronic artist Benji Lewis is releasing his latest single ‘Drift’, which comes just ahead of his exciting new ep ‘Home For Now’, and If you’re looking for that track to put you at ease during the day, or to even set the late-night mood, Benji Lewis has nailed the brief with this one.

‘Drift’ resonates with such warmth, and has a real sense of release both lyrically and melodically. Co-written with and produced by Golden Vessel, this song explores the ebbs and flows of a melodic-electronic soundscape accented by a strong synth beat and firefly-like twinkles.

“I wrote this song on a warm Monday night while I was in Brisbane, working on new material with Max (aka Golden Vessel). We had been writing all day and this one came at around 9pm. Once we had laid down some ideas, we both knew we had created something pretty special.”

– Benji Lewis

This is a winning collaboration showcasing the magic and effortless sounds of two creative minds, which is further strengthened by Lewis’ gorgeous vocals. It seems the Brisbane sunshine has inspired a new-found happiness within Benji Lewis, allowing a sense of serenity to shine through in this new release.

“For me, a lot of my happiness is in the sun, being around good people, and being by the water. All of that slipped into the lyrics as well. I hope it brings some of that peace and happiness to those that hear it.”  – Benji Lewis