Beloved Elk releases debut album DISTRACTIONS

Melbourne alt-rock duo Beloved Elk are excited to announce the release of their debut album DISTRACTIONS, out 20 February via LISTEN Records. The debut release for Amy Wright and Tina Nguyen is a culmination of four years of carefully constructing their sound – resulting in 11 tracks that showcase the band at their most intimate and powerful.

You can hear the trust between Wright and Nguyen on each track of the album – Wright’s emotionally fraught vocals anchored by Nguyen’s steady drumming, together forming the pounding heart of the record. The songs are unified in tone and feel, capturing an immediacy that is striking in its rawness.

‘Cold’ opens the album and progressively builds up before Wright’s vocals come into the fold, at times gasping and at other times forceful. ‘Ninety-Nine’ is melodic and full of hurt, ‘Distractions’ the cornerstone of the album begs “pull it together” in the face of trials. ‘I Dealt The Devil I Dealt’ is intense and visceral in its imagery, while ‘To End’ closes the album with a single note, Wright’s desperation to run away at its most profound.

Songs alternate from expansive arrangements to stark minimalism, the contrast allowing for periods of reflection to soak in the lyrics that are heart aching in their honesty. Disconnection from the world and relationships is the ever present theme on the album, with songs painting a portrait of loneliness and isolation. There isn’t however an element of defeat; the songs empower, give voice to the anxiety and revel in catharsis.

Wright explains what the album means to her:

“This is an album for sensitive loners – those who retract into themselves when confronted by heartbreak and the general hurts of the world. When distractions are the most immediate solace; both meaningless and lifesaving.”

DISTRACTIONS is made for these moments of vulnerability, for those days when you can’t help but just look up at the ceiling searching for hop