LISTEN: Cookie Baker "The Summer" feat. Tim Rogers

Following the release of "Little Engine", Cookie Baker released her second single "The Summer", featuring vocals from Tim Rogers.

Premiering on The Ladies Network "The Summer" is a picturesque music video, filmed on location around the farm where Cookie was raised in South Australia. Featuring a cast of local kids, it breathes life into the vocal narrative of the song.

In the follow-up to Cookie's previous single "Little Engine", "The Summer", was the first track co-produced and recorded by Cookie with Michael Carpenter (Love Hz Studios, Sydney), in their long-term collaboration for her upcoming full-length album. In kismet timing, the two have worked on capturing the natural blend of Cookie's vocals to channel and navigate the raw themes of unexpected longing, confusion, despondency and the emotional debris that follows these experiences. Tim Rogers' feature vocals, recorded in Melbourne with Davey Lane (You Am I), steer the song's nostalgic narrative of heartache and increasing desperation. 

From engineer/co-producer, Michael Carpenter:

“ This song is something different. It still engages me immediately, and, as a listener, gets a reaction out of me every single time. With the introduction of Tim’s vocal, the dialogue engages a deeper story, and then you’re too far in to withdraw from it. But, when those backing vocals arrive - the emotion of it all is too much. If you listen... really listen, there’s a whole lifetime - several and many in fact - in this song.  

The Summer’ music video was produced by Adelaide-based production company, Repeater Productions and features a cast of local children. Filmed on location around the unique landscapes of the Southern Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, the music video includes notable imagery of the Peninsula’s vast swampland, saltpans and extreme tide sandbars. The opening frame highlights a makeshift cardboard house, the symbol of a place where the characters seek solace and comfort from their isolation. It embodies the duality of feeling both hope and sadness, joy and resignation, past and future.


The Summer’ displays how a musician’s craft can feel effortless yet remain soulfully engaging. The listener is instantly captivated with the gritty opening drone of the Hammond organ, paired with Cookie’s vocal lullaby and acoustic 6 string banjo motif. Her vocals tell the tale of a distinct moment in time through the voice of someone who is engrossed in a memory, yet is reflective and detached.