5 Rules for Being on the Road with CREO

5 Rules for Being on the Road with CREO

When you’re on the road as much as Sydney band, CREO are, it’s absolutely essential to lay ground rules early on, if you expect the band to finish the tour in one piece/on speaking terms with one another. Here’s how CREO keep it interesting on tour.


1. Maximum of one album for the drive.  We don’t have a car with an auxiliary cable input, only a CD player.  Last time we went on tour up the coast we only had one CD in the car (Kanye - 808s and Heartbreak), so it got played for approximately 40 hours of driving.  This failure to plan ahead has now become somewhat of a stupid tradition, so we feature one album for the length of a leg of touring, till we lose our minds.


2. Thick skin and banter.  Silence is the danger-zone, we hate the van being silent at any one time, and thanks to rule one, by the second hour of driving we can’t really rely on music to fill that void, so we have to be prepared to be shat on by each other.  The only way to deal? Thick skin and plenty of banter ready to fire back.  Unfortunately one person usually isn’t as witty so they end up copping it all the time…


3. Delusional arguments.  Mostly a consequence of point number two, when someone gets sick of being emotionally stirred, things start to get personal, thus delusional arguments occur.  For example an argument about the popular game “Minecraft” almost came to blows.  Sometimes being stuck in a van, driving for 10 hours, listening to one album brings out the best in us.


4. Emotionally testing hypotheticals.  This is a fucking essential.  It usually hits at about four to five hours in a drive.  The ‘hypothetical game’ is when we throw some really emotionally torturous “What would you do if” or “Would you prefer scenario A or B” hypothetical situations at each other, purely for reactionary purposes.  The trick is if you don’t get the answer you want from someone you up the anti till you do, then see rule two followed by rule three.


5. Car Tetris.  This is also an essential.  We have a shit-ton of gear, limited space and next to no money.  This means, we have to be able to strategically place everything in our shitty van, whilst not sacrificing comfort and equipment essentials.  An art form that can only be perfected with experience and will power.


Catch CREO at the following dates this month:

April 13th – Hotel Steyne, Manly

April 20th – Hotel Steyne, Manly

April 23rd – North Wollongong Hotel, Wollongong

April 27th - Hotel Steyne, Manly


Written by: S.Y