New Music from Bluejuice Frontman As ELLIOT FOXLEY

Introducing ELLIOT FOXLEY... with ‘Everybody Fades’ | ‘No Last Prize’

Stavros Yiannoukas is an ARIA nominated musician and is the former co-lead singer in Sydney band, Bluejuice. 

2017 sees Stav return as ELLIOT FOXLEY. 

Moved by the death of his father and inspired by the birth of a nephew, Stav teamed up with producer Joel Beeson (Asta, Amy Meredith, 5 Seconds of Summer) to realise his ideas and deliver ELLIOT FOXLEY. 

Finding himself without the comfort of his Bluejuice bandmates and with some intimate feelings to share, Stav delved deep and uncovered a self-awareness and honesty that has informed his output as ELLIOT FOXLEY. The resulting songs are remarkably poignant and full of nuance.

No Last Prize fuses the modernity of melancholy synth-pop with the nostalgia of the song’s lyrics to create a moving piece that will make you want to sway and cry simultaneously. 

Everybody Fades is a song of big love, focus & clarity; the realisation that some things and people in life supersede all others.

The songs accompany an enhanced eBook written for parents and children to share. ELLIOT FOXLEY - The Story of a Little Fox Who Lost His Home incorporates these new songs and is a classic story of coming-of-age and homecoming.

During his time as co-lead singer of Sydney outfit Bluejuice, Stav enjoyed several musical honours. Not only does the band continue to hold the illustrious distinction of having the most-played song ever in the history of Triple J (Vitrol), Bluejuice received a similarly significant accolade from Sydney community radio station FBi when their huge song Act Your Age was awarded a SMAC (Sydney Music Art & Culture) Award for ‘Video Clip of The Year’. Several other respectable nods (ARIA nominations, high-ranking appearances in triple j Hottest 100s) preceded the band’s sold out send-off tour ahead of their final performances at the Falls Festival & Southbound Festival in 2015.