REVIEW: Kurt Vile - Twilight at Taronga Zoo

Multi-instrumentalist Kurt Vile took the stage at Taronga Zoo on Friday March 13th, with a hypnotic solo performance that left the crowd in a perpetual dream-like state. The 37-year-old singer/ song-writer emerged from his blanket of long, brown hair and shyly greeted the crowd, while the consistent pitter-patter of rain in the background soon transitioned into a heavy down pour. 

It was only a few minutes before sitting on the grass was no longer became an option and the crowd was soon covered in plastic poncho's. Luckily enough, Vile’s performance delivered an exceptional outer-body experience, transporting the crowd away from the miserable weather conditions they were enduring to somewhere warm, safe and happy. Vile’s voice was flawless, resembling completely to what is heard on his records. Each song (unlike the rain) gently poured itself into the next, as Kurt continued to deliver a stage presence that almost charmed the crowd right out of their poncho's. 

While the performance mainly consisted of finger-plucking guitar twang and Kurt’s soothing vocals, it was a minor set back to hear a very mellow version of ‘Pretty Pimpin’ and ‘Dust Bunnies’, compared to the upbeat originals than one had anticipated.

The unapparent banter with the audience was replaced by some vague questions about the weather; however, Vile’s lyrics were enough to tell a story without Vile actually having to tell it himself.

Looking around the very wet, crowded landscape; it was evident that Vile’s tranquil melodies had all attendee’s captivated and his overall performance was worth being submerged in water for.

Written by: Jacinta Rets