“Set My Life To Fire” is the latest single and title-track from the forthcoming album by Melbourne-based solo artist Kate Martin. Written and co-produced with John Hume (Evermore, Lisa Mitchell) and mixed by Michael Carpenter, the stirring, climactic work is about “burning the pre-conceived notions I had about how my life would turn out”, according to the Townsville-born singer.

The accompanying press photo was shot by Emma McEvoy at Westgate Park in Port Melbourne when a naturally occurring phenomenon turns the salt lake pink. An official music video from acclaimed Melbourne studio Oh Yeah Wow will be revealed later this month and “Set My Life To Fire” will be launched live at an intimate performance at Collingwood’s The Grace Darling Hotel on March 24, supports to be announced.

“Set My Life To Fire” is due for official release on Spotify & Apple Music on Monday the 27th of February. The album Set My Life To Fire is due for worldwide independent release in June 2017.

“Set My Life To Fire” - Single Launch Friday, March 24 @ The Grace Darling, Collingwood Supports TBA