Zennies Announce Second Single and Debut EP

Zen Haircuts are exploding into the new year with the announcement of their debut music video Peach Twins from their debut EP: bygones.

Wrapping up their tour with Sydney friends Whatever, Forever in November, the band went into hiding after the tour to prepare their music video and EP. The Peach Twins music video is a collection of journeys and shows that the Penguin Punx Trio experienced while on tour.

Guitarist Ricky re-calls: “Being the only girl in the van was interesting HAHA but we're all good mates so it was heaps fun just I’m a bit of a hygiene freak and was not fully prepared.”

Tour life is not exactly the glamorous lifestyle, being stuck in a van or a car for long periods of time is draining and with different personalities on board can be a bit frustrating. However, the experiences and memories that they create will last a life time.

Zen Haircuts recorded their EP with Clayton Segelov at The Brain Recording Studios. The band recalls: “Clayton really showed a lot of interest and really wanted to work with the band because Zennies was something different, he was shocked by all the guitar licks, riffs and loved the sound in general.”

Guitarist, Ricky recalls her experience as: “tough love HAHA as in I’ve never been in a recording studio before and he pushed me to do the best but I love the vibe that he brings to the place, the overall experience was amazing.”

Vocalist/Bassist Kieran feels that everyone should interpret bygones in their own way, “they are a collection of songs that mean something to us, but you’re interpretation and how you feel about our songs is the most important.”

Zen Haircuts will be releasing their new EP on the 17th March and will be available on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

EP launch: 25th March,The Factory Fusebox (Factory Theatre) - Marrickville