Premiere: Slumberjack - Open Fire ft. Daniel Johns (Right-O Re-work)

With a sound heavily influenced by the late night antics of UK’s underground, interwoven with an electronic - disco funk to enjoy at any hour, Right-O encompasses what it means to be a bedroom production / DJ duo on the rise. Heavily embedded in the Australian club scene, frequently wreaking their sonic havoc on dancefloors across the country - Right-O have their sights set on becoming Australia’s next influential house export. 

Pushing the creative boundaries of dance music with each track, and expanding into an original territory that embraces different genres, styles and techniques, the Melbourne born duo are resolute in releasing an abundance of unique music throughout 2017 - radically growing their profile, audience and reach as they go. 

Inspired by classic house music, enlivened by dynamic basslines, and driven by their pure, shared passion for making people move, Right-O have developed an individualism as artists, propelling them into 2017 experienced, enthusiastic and determined more than ever to become a powerful force in the national and international house music scene.