Sydney’s MERE WOMEN are stoked to today reveal details of their forthcoming 3rd LP Big Skies as well as announce their east coast album tour dates for this June and July. Big Skies features the latest single and title-track ‘Big Skies’ and 2016’s ‘Drive’, and will be released on June 16 via Poison City Records.

Big Skies will be available to pre-order from Poison City from May 12. Tickets to the Big Skies Album Tour are on sale now.

The 12 tracks which make up Big Skies explore themes of women’s experiences over generations and the simultaneous isolation and confinement felt by many women living in regional communities. From the delicately layered opener ‘Eternally’, to the almost operatic, key-driven ‘Curse’ – a track which could serve partly as an interlude, whilst creating the perfect precursor from where to launch into ‘Drive’ – and stunning album closer ‘Wanderer’, the tracks express feelings of being penned in, chained to family responsibilities and being unable to break away from tradition. The songs are haunting, restless and impeccably composed. A claustrophobic journey through wide open spaces.

Mere Women have continually explored new structures in greater depth with a collaborative writing process, with the aim to find new ways of expressing and writing popular music through post-punk. They work to actively break barriers and predictable, unimaginative musical structures that reinforce the status quo of male-dominated popular music. Previously operating as a three-piece – Amy Wilson on vocals/keys, Flyn Mckinnirey on guitar and Kat Byrne on drums – they brought in Trisch Roberts on bass at the start of 2016 which has taken their sound to another level, now being able to find the space between keys and guitar that they had not previously explored.

Big Skies was largely written at Black Wire Records in Annandale, a record store and DIY music space that was recently shut down after thriving in the music community for 7+ years, and recorded at One Flight Up, a small studio tucked away in a converted warehouse in St Peters, with Tim Carr, who worked with Mere Women on their previous two albums. All instruments were recorded live to capture their hypnotic and dark ‘live show’ energy.

Mere Women will be taking their acclaimed live show on the road this June and July, performing songs from Big Skies live for the first time. The tour will stop in Canberra, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Brisbane, with special guests to be announced.