Emerson Long releases Debut EP

Melbourne indie/electro-pop producer Emerson Long drops his long awaited debut 3-track EP "This Is After" a year after his single "Heatwave" was released. The chill indie-pop track "Midnight" featuring the vocals of Tom Bride opens the EP.

"When I first made "Midnight", I showed it to my close friend and asked him what images the song put in his head. He started describing a detailed scene of someone across a bridge at night, and I knew exactly what he meant. He'd captured the sentiment I wanted to portray in the song so well, that I used this imagery as a setting for the lyrics. I got my friend Tom Bride to help out with the vocals, and he's just a naturally talented singer that's got this unique timbre in his voice that really finished the track off."

Made nearly as a taster for the album he's currently working on, Emerson Long infuses the indie-pop "Midnight" and the tropical instrumental "Ranges" with the bittersweet yet euphoric "Regret Regret" to form an EP which not only paints the picture of what we can expect from Emerson Long in the future, but which also stays cohesive in itself as a debut EP.

"This EP probably isn't what people are expecting. I want people who listen to "This Is After" to understand what kind of music I'll be creating for my upcoming album. "Ranges" is an instrumental track and "Regret Regret" doesn't have lyrics, because they're both meant to foster more of a cinematic experience than anything else. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be expecting more singles like "Midnight" either, because I definitely have more in the works."