“Put your headphones on for this one, it deserves it.”

I fell in love with this band a long time ago, as did a lot of you. They teased us with their unmatched ability to play with light and darkness, drip-feeding us tracks like ‘Capricious’ and ‘Another Way’ after that first hauntingly good EP. And so I’ve been patiently waiting for something to come along, a little reward for my patience, and today that arrived, in the form of a slinky little number by the name of ‘Flow’.

This song is a summer thunderstorm; it’s dark and it’s brooding, everything I was hoping for. ‘Flow’ is undoubtedly the most sophisticated track from the band to date, proving that good things do come to those who wait.

The song may sound like a delicious concoction of alt-J, RUFUS, and Glass Animals, but my god, that voice is unmistakably Phil Slabber. Crooked Colours have always found a tiny niche to slide into, blurring boundaries between indie and electronic worlds. ‘Flow’ feels like a state of indulgent delirium, one that you melt into oh so willingly; “and I think my mind may also be gone.”

In true Crooked Colours style, every single element of the song has been crafted to perfection; every detail is deliberate. The final product is so well polished, evidence of the dedication put into the release, and yet its impact appears entirely effortless. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Something tells me this album is going to be a complete game changer.

Written by: SY