1: You certainly have an ability to craft a catchy piece of music. When did you start producing and what drives this movement?

 I started producing maybe like 10 years ago, because I was in heaps of bands, and musicians are bloody useless. Got sick of relying on people, so I figured I could just do the whole lot with a computer instead. It sounds sort of cynical but it’s actually the truth. The other reason though is that I’d started listening to a lot more electronic music, which coming from a live music background, I’d previously turned my nose at. Finally, I was starting to understand the art form and couldn’t wait to learn how to do it. 


2: Being the talented multi-instrumentalist you are, what is your favourite instrument you know how to play?

 Definitely the bass guitar in a live band. The relationship with the vocal lines and the drums is a very beautiful place to sit. Plus, I love that bass players are the butt of many jokes, and I get a kick out of that too. 


3: What are the necessities to a deep house club banger?

 Lots of red wine and bass lines.

4: Do you have a favourite collaboration that you’ve done?

 Oh, there’s so many. I’m afraid I can’t really single one out as over the years I have come to love and THRIVE on collaboration. I love working with particular people a lot, like my friend Aston who has leant her talents to a lot of my tracks including ROBOTS. 

5: Would you rather, for the rest of your life, only drink premature wine, or only eat expired cheese?