V signee and Brisbane representative RIK SANDERS has just released his new trac. Urged on by long-time friend and WVS family member, ravy , Erik got his start out in 2011. Since then, the two have helped pave the way for a new wave of young MCs.

Dropping his debut single ‘Stunt’ in 2015, the twenty one year old rapper has gone on to release a string of strong singles, including his latest track ‘In The Air’ featuring llda, whilst also being named Apple Music’s “New Artist of the Week”.

Finally in a place where he feels he can create comfortably, Sanders is primed and ready, and set to continue the buzz with his new single ISSIO, which combines smooth vocals over melodic beats, oozing charisma and attitude.

Teaming up with producer ames Angu, ISSIO, draws on the sounds of now that’s serious, moody and stacked with vibes, the young one’s found balance.

On what drove him to create this song, Sanders said, “...hen I made this song I was going through the process of distancing myself from the disingenuous people in my life. I was starting to understand who my real friends were, and who were really willing to ride this journey out with me.

“The concept and aesthetic of the cover and the visuals that this is based off the movie Natural Born Killers. This song is a little more serious and moodier than anything that i've released before, but we found a good balance between a moody yet majestic vib.”

You’ll be hearing more from RIK SANDER, with his debut EP and video projects to be released later in the year.