Pretty City and Fierce Mild Dual Single Launch

Pretty City, Fierce Mild, Premier Artists and Happy Presents: 

“Explorations of Psychedelia”

Psychedelic rock has been a staple of the Melbourne music scene for generations, but has recently experienced an explosion of artists who are engaging with ‘psych’ themes in new and interesting ways. This night presented by Pretty City and Fierce Mild, showcases 4 bands with an equally innovative but entirely diverse way of exploring psychedelia. 

Pretty City take psychedelic rock and translate it into an energising motif with heavy riffs and infectious melodies while still peering down the rabbit hole of human consciousness and raw emotion. 

Fierce Mild explore the far reaches of experience, using psychedelic rock sounds to decorate their intense, progressive, and sublime musicianship. Walls of psychedelia, shoegaze, post-rock, and electro-acoustic dub are delivered with a folk-tinged Australian lyricism that transcends you into an unnerving dream. Their sets are presented as a cinematic psycho-thiller where music, sound art and visual art collide to make one huge interconnected narrative.

Ruby Jones traverses genres of neo-soul and dark pop to treat psychedelia in an overtly gothic way that gives psychedelic tones a dark undercurrent and convey a sense or emotional gravitas from her extensive musical experience. A previous bangin’ rackette, her band also features members of Jaala, giving the outfit the musicianship to execute her stories with nothing short of class.

Ben Wright Smith takes psychedelia and wraps it in dusty folk tales that express a colourful aesthetic with pure emotional song writing that is both captivating and infectious. 

All bands are united by common threads that are interwoven in markedly different ways in each act. This night explores the various possibilities that can be achieved by uniting under a common theme and showcases some of Melbourne’s finest, internationally and domestically acclaimed artists.