After being discovered in 2015, Sydney singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has written over 100 songs, including his debut single ‘Waves'.   Since its release late last year, ‘Waves’ has over 2.6 million streams globally, hit #6 on the Australian Spotify viral chart, Top 40 on iTunes Australia and been added to Triple J. Today, Dean releases an emotive stripped back, live video of the song which was filmed recently in a secluded warehouse space in Sydney by good friend Mick Jones (Filthy Look Films). In the video Lewis’ haunting falsetto takes centre stage, it’s a bold statement but Lewis balances intimacy and intensity perfectly. 

Lewis started writing songs almost as soon as he could play three chords, however his journey into performance took a much slower path. “I was never the cool kid at school”, he says, “I had a quiet confidence when I applied myself to things like sport and school work, but I would never have imagined myself playing and singing in front of people”.

Dean spent the end of 2016 impressing new fans with his live performances, supporting indie darling Lisa Mitchell on her national tour as well as performing his own secret shows in a warehouse space in Redfern. He also grabbed international attention with showcases in London and Berlin as well as performing ‘Waves’ on one of the biggest TV shows in Holland, where the single also went Top 10 on Spotify Viral chart and Top 30 on iTunes.