AURELIA Releases debut single ‘ARE WE LOSING’

The enigmatic songwriter known as AURELIA is finally set to release a demo as her own debut single the with a title that resembles the question we’ve all been asking ourselves lately… ‘ARE WE LOSING

Aurelia has worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in music, and also on the ground with new and upcoming artists. After having carved out a reputation for herself behind the scenes in the industry as a songwriting tool of force, she's now turning her focus to the creation and release of her own music.

Over the past 12 months Aurelia has spent time developing her own sound, and has fiercely pursued the vision of how she sees her own music forming with unwavering determination. Aurelia says it’s as a reaction to having fought a constant battle in the industry, ‘To not have my creative freedom dominated by anything other than my artistic integrity’, that she has decided to release the demo for the track ‘Are We Losing’ she says, ‘Recording the Are We Losingdemo was a pivotal experience for me of how magical I think making music should feel. This, and the fact that Are We Losing is essentially about freedom and abandon, lead me to the realisation that I’m free to release whatever I want, so I am’.

Outside of music, Aurelia is a practitioner of Martial Arts at the highest international level. Her training between Hong Kong and Australia, and her focus and dedication to a lifetime pursuit of understanding energy, forms the basis of her skills to access the heart of a lyric, a melody, a song… With no direct musical influences, her style has developed from a sense of rhythmic flow born out of her Martial Arts practices. It’s this unique formation that permeates every facet of her art, and is what makes her melodies and lyrics as distinct and striking as they are beautiful.


‘Are We Losing’ was recorded without the use of any musical instruments. The beats and percussive elements were created by recording the sound of Aurelia practicing her Martial Arts. The synths, bass, and all other melodic sounds were created using vocal samples done by Aurelia.This first offering from Aurelia is a hypnotic and occasionally flirtatious debut for what looks like the beginning of a very promising career.