SASKWATCH return with new single "December Nights"


"December Nights is a song about memory, and the power it can hold over you, working to break down the mental barriers you set up for yourself… and the bliss you can feel once you do. The helping hand of a classic mate.” – Liam McGorry

Swirling into your consciousness, then slapping you across the face, “December Nights” is the first offering a more eclectic direction from the 6-piece - bringing elements of surf-rock and psych into the mix along with groove-heavy bass and twinkling flute, laying way for the powerful voice of lead singer Nkechi Anele to work its magic. This also marks another first for the band; with this track and the rest of the forthcoming album self-produced & mixed alongside engineer and friend Callum John Barter at Newmarket Studios.

“Sonically, it’s new ground for Saskers… Taking inspiration from long hot summer nights, Nkechi’s (huge) voice, and that weird feeling you get inside when you listen to the Beach Boys." - Liam McGorry

Releasing their third studio album early last year, Saskwatch have never been one to shy away from the unconventional. After spending their first two albums Leave It All Behind (2012) and Nose Dive (2014) establishing themselves and their sound, 2015’s Sorry I Let It Come Between Us took listeners on another trajectory entirely.  More vulnerable, honest, and simple, the album revealed a depth of emotion and heartache not previously associated with their music, and lead the way to a brand new Saskwatch – comfortable in the malleability of their sound, and ready to show you a side of their music you have never seen before.

Saskwatch are:  Rob Muinos (Guitar), Nkechi Anele (Vocals), Liam McGorry (Guitar / Keys / Horns), Olaf Scott (Keys), Sam Raines (Drums) and Tom Pettit (Bass).

“December Nights” is the first single from Saskwatch’s 4th studio album – further details TBA. Single available to purchase and on all streaming platforms from today.